Our story unfolds as Mary reads her Grandmother’s diaries written nearly a hundred years ago;

"...I turn the faded pages today, as I have done time and time again over the years, I still find myself in a state of wonder at the unimaginable horror flowing from the words written on them. A tragedy too awful to think of, yet one mingled with such a feeling of overwhelming love and strength."

Mary’s grandson Ryan is fighting in the Middle East in a modern war and she struggles to understand how the terror imbued in the pages of the old diaries, seems to have been ignored by those in power; young men are still being asked to fight for their country and too many are still paying the ultimate sacrifice. Her Grandmother’s written words tell a bitter sweet love story; a love story tainted by the heartbreak and horror of a Great War… of a war to end wars.

When war is declared Thomas, against his family's wishes, answers Kitchener’s call. He leaves his sweetheart Niamh and the serenity of English village life to follow thousands of young men to France, his fears tempered by the politician’s promise that by Christmas hostilities will be at an end. A harsh reality is realised as the conflict drags on into another year, but Thomas puts the horror aside when he learns that he is to become a father. His happiness is complete when he returns to marry Niamh and be with his baby daughter Rose for the first time; but he knows he must return to the fight.

Once back at the Front even thoughts of home cannot mask the terror as the morning of the Big Push approaches. As dawn rises Thomas passes time with his best pal and brother in law Patrick. They talk of loved ones, the beauty of a sunrise over their village… they talk until a whistle sounds…

As Mary stands with Ryan at the funeral of one of his fellow soldiers, her thoughts drift back to the fate of Thomas, buried somewhere in France, a casualty of a terrible war, just one more unknown soldier…



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